Hacking Your Life?

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Do you rely on hacks?

Just because you know how to Jailbreak a phone doesn’t mean that you know how to build an OS for that phone. And that’s the thing, we’re relying on the hacks to increase the overall quality of our life. “Hack your body language to increase your charisma” or “learn this life hack that increases productivity”, but these hacks don’t give you a deeper understanding of your own operating system nor do they give you a better understanding of how to be the programmer of your operating system (a.k.a. your life). And usually what happens is when the programming changes, or updates, because it ALWAYS DOES… people are at the whim of these changes. Think about it. People used to smoke on the regular. Even pregnant women used to smoke until the Surgeon General came along and starting putting labels on cigarette cartons about how pregnant women shouldn’t smoke and that smoking may lead to cancer. This was an update in the human OS, like an update to your phone’s OS. And these updates are happening all of the time and we’re using hacks to respond to them as an attempt to operate effectively. And these hacks, unfortunately, become obsolete once a new update is put into place. For instance, do you currently have an app on your phone that no longer works now due to an OS update? Or have you, or a friend, ever experienced anything similar to that situation? And you won’t be able to use your phone (a.k.a. your life) to it’s fullest potential until a new hack is found. On the other hand, there are people who are creating these hacks because they understand the system and the way it operates. They also know HOW to program so they have a deeper understanding of the underlying system at hand. If something happens to your phone, 9x out of 10 you’re bringing it to someone to look at it to fix it. When something happens to the phone of the people creating these hacks, they are opening it up, getting a deeper understanding of how the entire system works and then creating a new program to allow the phone to run just as seamless if not better than it did before. So let me ask you, do you want to rely on hacks? Or do you want to develop a deeper understanding of how the entire system works so that you can create hacks that work best for you? It’s a deep question I know and I understand that I’m getting super technical but on a simpler level, it’s true. Do you want to be the one at the mercy of the “phone company” when they release a “new update”? Or do you want to be the person taking apart the phone, getting a deeper understanding of how it actually works and then coming up with the necessary programs that empower you to use this device more effective…? It’s your choice. Just know that this choice IS on the table and that a good majority of the people don’t know that this choice even exists…
Thank you.

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