5 Ways to Experience More Joy in Your Life

Life's enjoymentPeople are always wondering what methods can they take to make their lives happier. More happiness in people’s lives would make it easier for them to get through the day and even pursue their dreams. Here are 5 tried and true tips that you can use to elevate your state when you’re feeling down.

1. Document it.

Tony Robbins says that, “a life worth remembering is a life worth recording”. Meaning that we should be documenting the times that make us feel phenomenal on the inside. Writing about the high points in our lives gets us through the low times that we experience. Also, we have a greater appreciation of the good times because we can actually remember them since we’ve written them down. And the brain is tricky because it AMPLIFIES the emotions that we’ve experienced in the past. Therefore, if we recall a good time, the happiness that we experience in our body at that time we are recalling this situation is greater than it was than during the situation. Therefore documenting these experiences is key. Keeping a journal is a great key to success and taking time to sit down and write about your life and your ideas only furthers your understanding of the world.

2. Elevate Your Social Circle.

In order to experience more joy, get around others who are also joyous and living life on their terms. I’m sure you’ve seen somebody in your life who seems like they’re always smiling. Have a conversation with this person, buy them a coffee or make time to hang out with them one day. Emotional states are contagious. As humans we experience something called state transfer. This means that our emotional states can be transferred onto others and other people’s emotional states can be transferred onto us. We’ve all had the experience of seeing someone walk into a room and then feeling an eerie vibe emanating from that person. The funny thing is, this transference works the opposite way as well. We’ve all also experienced the person who walks into a room and lights up everyone else around them or, on occasion, we’ve done it ourselves. And you either have 2 choices:

  • 1. Hang out with this person or
  • 2. Become this person

Our lives begin at the end of our comfort zones. And if we push past these mental boundaries and either become or hang out with this person who lights up the room, we’ll be able to experience the world in ways that we never dreamed were possible and experience more joy as well.

3. Listen to Motivational Speeches.

There are a plethora of these on YouTube and they are all, for the most part, extraordinary! By the time a person turns 18, they’ve been told “no” or “you can’t do that” 148,000 times. That’s wayyyyy more times than they’ve been told “you can do it!” and other words of encouragement. It’s soooo easy to get discouraged and to call it quits and what’s easy comes more readily to us. If given the choice, the brain will choose the path of least resistance. This means that your body would rather have you be lazy than have you working hard to upgrade your life. In order to fight decline, we need a positive social circle (as discussed above) paired with words of encouragement. With the combination of these 2 things, we can achieve ANYTHING and we experience more happiness as a byproduct of this as well.

4. Exercise.

This goes without saying but exercising raises the amount of serotonin in your brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for your happiness and the overall joy that you attribute to a particular experience. Therefore, the more serotonin in your body, the more happiness you experience in your life. At first, especially if you haven’t done it in a while, it feels like an uphill battle. It’s hard for you to get started. It hurts when you work out for the first 5 – 10 minutes and your desire to quit within these first few moments increases by 200%. If you barrel through however, the reward that you will achieve will be MOMENTOUS! You’ll start to become addicted to coming to the gym. You start to get stronger and work out longer as your muscles become conditioned to the exercise and grow. Also, you start to stand up higher. One thing that you’ll notice about yourself once you start working out is that your posture will begin to improve. Another thing that starts to happen is that you have more energy to do both the things that you “have” to do as well as the things that you WANT to do! This is big because some of the major objections that people have for not living their lives to the fullest is that they don’t have enough energy or that they don’t have enough time to get everything on their “To Do” list of “Want To Do” list done. With the energy that you gain from exercising you can do all of these thing’s and your overall quality of life goes up as well.

5. Eat Right

This goes hand in hand with working out. When you’re putting the right foods into your body, you think clearer and you have less invasive thoughts. Also, it doesn’t make sense to make all this progress by working out only to combat yourself by choosing unhealthy foods to eat. Focus on eating mostly fruits (as long as you’re not fructose intolerant) and vegetables as well as a lot of proteins. When you choose to eat the right foods as well as work out, your body begins to slim up and you hold yourself higher. Soon, the current clothes that you wear will no longer begin to fit and you’ll begin to buy more form fitting clothing. Overall your health and your self-esteem will improve as the image that you hold of yourself improves in your mind.


I believe that with these 5 steps you can begin to have a fulfilling lifestyle. Minor changes in your life can have MAJOR effects. So keep at it and know that lasting happiness is possible!

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