Hacking Your Life?

Do you rely on hacks? Just because you know how to Jailbreak a phone doesn’t mean that you know how to build an OS for that phone. And that’s the thing, we’re relying on the hacks to increase the overall quality of our life. “Hack your body language to increase your charisma” or “learn this…

Don’t let OTHERS approve of YOUR DREAM!!!

Don’t let other people approve of your dream. Your dream has been given to you and you alone. Nobody else will share in this dream with you. It’s your dream and your goal alone. If nobody else buys into it, if nobody else believes in it, that doesn’t mean that you stop believing in it. […]

5 Ways to Experience More Joy in Your Life

People are always wondering what methods can they take to make their lives happier. More happiness in people’s lives would make it easier for them to get through the day and even pursue their dreams. Here are 5 tried and true tips that you can use to elevate your state when you’re feeling down. 1….